Landscape Design Tips To Make Your Backyard Flow

Landscape Design Tips To Make Your Backyard Flow

7 Ways to Design a Garden That Flows and Intrigues

From Houzz

Transform a staccato yard into a smooth and relaxing delight by mastering the art of garden transitions

One of the main principles of landscape design is to make the space orderly and direct traffic patterns as well as to direct the eye of the beholder.  When executed properly, a well-designed space will have order, rhythm, and usefullness that relates to the homeowner’s lifestyle.  When not executed optimally, the backyard can feel stunted, compartmentalized, and separate.  This post from Houzz presents 7 tips to re-visualize one’s backyard with these flowing and uniting principles in mind.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Many of our gardens seem to be compartmentalized, mimicking our lives. We wake up, go to work, go to lunch, drive home from work, pick up the kids, prepare dinner, watch TV and head to bed, only to repeat the process the next day. The garden spaces with which we surround ourselves are much the same. We have our front yards, our side yards, our backyards, our children’s play areas and our vegetable beds. We have unconsciously convinced ourselves that this is the way it has to be.

What if our garden spaces flowed together seamlessly, creating one homogenous space? Are you saying to yourself that this could never happen? Let’s see how it’s done. Let’s learn the art of mastering garden transitions.

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