6 Popular Ideas for New Decks and Terraces


Decks, Patios and Terraces can run the gamut from the simple to the sublime.  It is always instructive to follow the latest design trends to garner ideas on how to move one's own project closer to the latter.  This post from Aqua Magazine utilizes some ideas found on Houzz to monitor the latest design trends so you don't have to!

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Picture-Perfect Ideas for a Patio Garden

From Better Homes and Gardens

Outdoor living and Landscape Design can take many shapes and forms.  From the expansive, sprawling country estate to the compact city lot, proper design and planning can make all the difference in the level of enjoyment the homeowner realizes with family and friends.  This post from Better Homes and Gardens illustrates this point perfectly with this post on Patio Gardens.  The post explains that outdoor living can be enjoyable even if you have no yard at all!

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7 Ways to Design a Garden That Flows and Intrigues

From Houzz

Transform a staccato yard into a smooth and relaxing delight by mastering the art of garden transitions

One of the main principles of landscape design is to make the space orderly and direct traffic patterns as well as to direct the eye of the beholder.  When executed properly, a well-designed space will have order, rhythm, and usefullness that relates to the homeowner's lifestyle.  When not executed optimally, the backyard can feel stunted, compartmentalized, and separate.  This post from Houzz presents 7 tips to re-visualize one's backyard with these flowing and uniting principles in mind.

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10 Quick Tips to Add More Value to your Outdoor Home

From Freshome

We've all heard of the term "Curb Appeal".  Unfortunately, the exterior of one's home, usually the largest investment in one's life, is often ignored, or at least deferred.  This post from Freshome presents 10 tips for increasing one's home value by making key improvements on the outside, and coincidentially, increasing one's pleasure while enjoying the great outdoors.

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Hillside Landscaping Ideas
Five tips for landscaping a slope

From Landcaping Network

Properly designing a landscape on a relatively flat sloped yard is hard enough.  Considering all of the elements of design like space, rhythm, color, texture, etc. can be challenging in a standard environment, let alone having to deal with significant drops in slope and elevation changes.  Add into the mix a hillside or severe slope such as a lake or ocean bluff, and you have an extremely challenging task.  This post from the Landscaping Network gives some great tips and ideas for handling this very situation elegantly.

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Landscape Design

From Landscape Planet

There is no better way to maximize the home ownership experience than to undertake an outdoor landscape design project.  Not only will a properly designed and fabulous landscape give one's home curb appeal, it will make the experience of spending time inside and outside the home much more enjoyable.  Undertaking a landscape design project can be intimidating, which is why this post from Landscape Planet is so useful.  In this post, some very simple steps to take and to understand will make this process easy, smooth, and enjoyable from start to finish.

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5 Ideas for Making a Big Impact in a Small Outdoor Space

From Shade FX

Just because your backyard isn't a sprawling 10 acres, doesn't mean you can't have an optimized, functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space.  Utilizing space properly to consider balance, proportion, texture, space allocation, pattern, traffic patterns, etc. are the purview of the skilled landscape designer.  This post from Shade FX gives some great examples and pictures of small spaces transformed into beautifullly designed landscapes and will inspire you to recreate your own smaller outdoor living space.

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Creating an outdoor space for a small yard or patio can be challenging; however there are several ways to make every inch count. No need to despair because space is limited. You can still incorporate many of the design elements used in larger outdoor spaces in a small outdoor space if you know a few simple design tricks.

Here are a few big ideas for a small yard to get you started:

Three Ways To Use Your Fall Leaves

From Walpole Outdoors

Fall cleanup is something that many people dread when the temperature turns colder.  Raking leaves, disposing of them, and cleaning up one's property is one of the necessary evils of being a homeowner.  Instead of bagging the leaves for disposal, or burning them, why not try something different this year?  This post from Walpole Outdoors provides some creative ways to utilize these leaves productively to enhance one's outdoor living experience in the fall.

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Easy-to-Install Bamboo Fencing

From Landscaping Network

Prefabricated bamboo rolled fencing, from Bamboo Fencer

For most people, fencing in their landscape is a necessary evil.  Whether the fence is installed to achieve privacy, or to keep pets safe, traditional fence options seem to have an inverse relationship between aesthetics and cost.  This post from Landscaping Network presents some sustainable options for fencing that not only won't break the bank, they will achieve a beautiful aesthetic while simultaneously being kind to the environment.

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