Heater Hazards

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Improper care can mean serious danger — but regular checkups should prevent most problems before they start.

The Internet has revolutionized the world, and there is really no arguing that point.  Goods and Services are able to be purchased cheaper, quicker, and more efficiently than before the advent of the WWW, and this is unquestionably a good thing.  Unfortunately, some fallout and unintended consequences of these actions are outlined in this article.  Do-it-yourselfers have long used the Internet to purchase goods cheaply and install them on their own, utilizing no more than a You Tube Video as their guide, in some cases.  This post illustrates that with certain goods and services, namely one's own inground swimming pool, it is more prudent to leave these complicated entities to the licensed professionals, lest one could be courting disaster.

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10 Off Season Pool Care Tips From The Pros

From Swim University

Experienced pool owners know a very important fact about off-season swimming pool care:  If you ignore your pool for the long winter months, you are making a grave error in judgement.  Pool Care doesn't end when the swimming season does.  Winter and off-season pool care can go great lengths to saving you money in the long run during spring start-up, as well as extending the life of your swimming pool and equipment.  This post from Matt Giovanisci at Swim University gives his interviews with seasoned swimming pool professionals from around the country, including one of Platinum Pool' own,  with their favorite tips for protecting the pool for the winter, and giving your pool the TLC it deserves and needs.

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