The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Inground Swimming Pool


Swimming pools are one of the most fulfilling amenities that a family can acquire.  The swimming pool can create memories, and give families and guests years of enjoyment, relaxation, and fun!  Unfortunately, swimming pools also carry inherent risks, not just from drowning.  The hazards surrounding a swimming pool are legion, and it is incumbent upon the swimming pool owner to be aware of these risks in order to mitigate and manage them.  This guide from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals is the most comprehensive treatise to date on the myriad issues that can be associated with swimming pool ownership, and the responsible management of them thereof.

Here is an excerpt from the guide:

Is Your Pet Safe at the Pool This Summer?

From Around The Gate

We are all pretty much aware that an inground swimming pool can present a significant safety hazard to children.  We devote much time and energy with safety devices and safety rules to keep kids safe around a swimming pool.  What most people tend to forget is that a swimming pool can present a significant safety hazard to household pets and animals as well.  This post from Around the Gate presents some practical tips for keeping the household dog or cat safe around the swimming pool this summer.

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Do I have to shower before swimming? Pool safety questions answered

From CTV News

When most people think of swimming pool safety, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not running on the pool deck.  Perhaps the first image one recieves when thinking about pool safety is a "no diving" sign, ubiquitous in one's childhood.  According to this post from CTV News, pool safety encompasses these and many more, including one's behavior beyond the curtailing of running on decks.

Here is an excerpt from the post: