Inground Pool Types

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Inground swimming pools run the gamut in price and features.  From the entry-level fiberglass shell, to the semi-customizable vinyl-liner pool all the way to completely custom gunite home waterparks, the inground swimming pool can take a homeowner from the simple to the sublime.  The price tag will vary considerably based on the type of pool chosen, as well as the features and amenities available.  This post from covers these different types of inground pools, and sets reasonable expectations in terms of all of these factors for the various types.

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America’s swimming pools have a long, sad, racist history

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Seldom, if ever, is this forum used to present significant societal issues.  The swimming pool is generally associated with fun, relaxation, recreation and exercise, not as a reflection of cultural and societal norms.  This post from The Washington Post takes a different tact on the public swimming pool, illuminating the fact that perhaps no other vehicle better mirrors the societal attitudes towards race and racism better than the local public swimming pool.

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Smaller backyards can be difficult to incorporate a swimming pool, let alone a total outdoor living space.  The skilled outdoor living designer, however, has tools at his/her disposal that can make a smaller space useable, funtctional, and spectacular.  This post from presents some amazing smallish finished outdoor living spaces that will inspire!

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Five Major Advantages Of Installing Salt Water Pools

From Salt Water Pool Plus

There is no subject in the history of the swimming pool industry that has spawned more discussion, confusion, and controversy than salt water chlorination systems.  In the past, we have catalogued the case against these systems for various reasons.  This post from Salt Water Pool Plus presents the affirmative case for salt water pools by presenting 5 major advantages of these systems.  As long as the consumer understands the pros and the cons and makes an informed decision, there is nothing wrong with utilizing these chlorinators as directed.

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Questions Every Pool Owner Should Ask the Pros

From Pool FYI

Having a pool professional take care of one's pool can give one a tremendous sense of calmness.  Owning a swimming pool is a complicated endeavor, and there are many things that a professional can handle that one has neither the time nor the inclination to worry about.  However, being an informed consumer is always the best option to protect one and one's significant investment, and that's where this post from Pool FYI comes into play.  

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Deep Blue: Top 9 Outdoor Swimming Pools

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If you are an outdoor living enthusiast, swimmer, or just love looking at amazing examples of architecture, then this post is definitely for you.  Swimming Pools, and the art of watershaping, has made quantum leaps over the last couple of decades.  Some of the examples of the swimming pool artform are bordering on sublime.  This post from Iceblog presents 9 Outdoor Swimming Pools from around the world that clearly emphasize this point.

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Outdoor Dining Rooms

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8 ideas for creating the ultimate outdoor dining area

Outdoor living enthusiasts understand one principle above all when it comes to their outdoor living space:  It is meant to enjoy and to draw people together.  Nothing accomplishes this task like an outdoor dining area.  Think about how a dining room brings family together inside the home, and you will understand the power of creating an outdoor dining area.  This post from the Landscaping Network gives 8 stunning examples of outdoor dining areas that will inspire you to bring your family and friends together for outdoor meals.

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Mystery Stains in Salt Generator Pools

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One of the most popular trends in the swimming pool industry over the last two decades has been the proliferation of the saltwater swimming pool.  Never before in the history of the industry has a consumer-driven groundswell caused a demand for a product or service commensurate with salt water swimming pools, or chlorine generators.  Like many things in life that seem too good to be true, Salt water swimming pools can have some inherent issues that somewhat negate their promise of a maintenance free swimming experience.  This post from Aqua Magazine presents some frequently seen issues that happen with salt water chlorine generation, and explains what causes them.

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Benefits of a Steam Room vs. a Sauna

From ehow

Many people don't realize that a Sauna is very different from a Steam Room.  This post from eHow discusses the differences between a Sauna and A Steam Room, and what makes the benefits associated with both entities different.  The main difference, as this article points out, are the types of heat that they provide, and whether the heat is dry or wet heat.  Either amenitiy would be a great addition to any type of indoor or outdoor swimming pool to warm up after a vigorous swim.

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If you have ever used a swimming pool and had that familiar urge to go to the bathroom, you've probably heard the myth about a chemical that turns red, blue, or green when contacting urine.  You've also probably heard that swimming immediately after eating is a no-no.  Are these long-standing opinions surrounding swimming pools based on fact, or just wives tales that have been passed down through the generations to discourage certain behaviors?  This post from addresses the most common myths and apocryphal stories surrounding the swimming pool, and tells you once and for all if the myths are based in fact.

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