7 Ways to Design a Garden That Flows and Intrigues

From Houzz

Transform a staccato yard into a smooth and relaxing delight by mastering the art of garden transitions

One of the main principles of landscape design is to make the space orderly and direct traffic patterns as well as to direct the eye of the beholder.  When executed properly, a well-designed space will have order, rhythm, and usefullness that relates to the homeowner's lifestyle.  When not executed optimally, the backyard can feel stunted, compartmentalized, and separate.  This post from Houzz presents 7 tips to re-visualize one's backyard with these flowing and uniting principles in mind.

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Landscape Design

From Landscape Planet

There is no better way to maximize the home ownership experience than to undertake an outdoor landscape design project.  Not only will a properly designed and fabulous landscape give one's home curb appeal, it will make the experience of spending time inside and outside the home much more enjoyable.  Undertaking a landscape design project can be intimidating, which is why this post from Landscape Planet is so useful.  In this post, some very simple steps to take and to understand will make this process easy, smooth, and enjoyable from start to finish.

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Transform Your Outdoor Living Space With a Deck

From Neave Carpentry

Decks have an important place in Architecture of the home, as well as Landscape design.  Decks, whether multi-tiered, attached to a bedroom or living area, or transitional decks can help round out any outdoor space, provide otherwise unusable living space, and can help address elevation issues between the existing home and the landscape.  Additionally, says this post from Neave Carpentry, decks can be the ideal solution for large homes on smaller lots, or backyards with severe slopes away from the home.  The post goes on to talk about the different types of decks, material choices, and costs.

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Winterize Your Landscape

From Landscaping Network

If you are one of the fortunate souls who live in the sunbelt, you aren't thinking about the harsh effects of winter.  The freezing temperatures, harsh winds, snow and thaw cycles can literally destroy landscape elements if not planned for.  This post from Landscaping Network tells the homeowner how to properly protect plants, paving, decks, arbors, lighting, furniture, and lawns from the harsh winter conditions.  Proper planning will help the transition back to Spring be much easier and damage-free.

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Backyard Parties: The Tiniest Party Guests

From Pools Spas & Patios

The Fall is a great time to utilize your outdoor living space to entertain.  Having a party for your small kids is even more fun, according to this post from Pools Spas & Patios.  Making the party fun and exciting for your smaller guests will give your backyard and home "cool" status, and will make your children want to spend more time around the house.  This post gives some great tips to make a kids party the best that it can be in your backyard.

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Landscape Lighting Ideas

From Landscaping Network

Designing an inground swimming pool or outdoor living space is complicated, involving many moving parts.  What most people don't realize is that with all the energy placed into space allocation, traffic patterns, swimming pool placement, plant species, material choices for hardscape, grading, drainage, etc. etc.,;precious little energy is often placed into the nighttime use of the space.  Skilled designers realize that after the sun goes down, the fun really begins.  Properly designed and installed landcape lighting is crucial to enjoy and accentuate a sublime landscape design after dark.  This post from Landscaping Network discusses the finer points of landscape lighting design to ensure that your own backyard paradise doesn't go dark when the sun goes down.

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Keep Cool with These Five Patio Shade

From Shade FX

One of the key design elements for any backyard landscape design or outdoor living space is the creation of shade.  There are many elements that can be utlitized to create shade naturally, but an open air patio is much harder to shelter from the blazing sun.  This post from Shade FX gives 5 great ways to accomplish this goal, but utilizing umbrellas, pergolas, trees and canopies.

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Outdoor Living with Water Gardens

From Hometalk

Water has too many amazing qualities to list succinctly.  Adding water to any landscape design or outdoor living space can provide the soothing background noise required to soften a space, or can tie disparate elements together naturally.  Flowing, bubbling, or cascading water can be the difference between a cookie cutter landscape design and a sublime melding of outdoor living elements.  This post from Hometalk gives some great examples of how to incorporate a natural water garden to any outdoor space, and shows the spectacular results that can be achieved with proper planning and design.

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Customizing Your Hot Tub Location

From Pools, Spas and Patios

There are many decisions that need to me made when designing an outdoor living space.  In the Midwest, or in climate-changing areas, the location of the hot tub is one of the most important.  Is winter use of the hot tub going to be something that is desired?  Should the tub be used in the colder months, should the tub be surrounded by a radiant-heat deck?  Should the tub be near the house, or near a pool house, or inside the swimming pool?  This post from Pools, Spas, and Patios gives some great design tips for hot tubs, including some additional amenities that will enhance the ownership of the hot tub and make the experience of ownership worthwhile and fulfilling.

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