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Platinum Pool maintains and services inground swimming pools and spas.

Our inground swimming pool repair services are second to none! Our extensive fleet and highly trained pool technicians are able to handle all pool-related repairs. We also have 24-hour on-call swimming pool technicians to service your after-hour needs. When your equipment has reached its end, Platinum Pool is able to install the newest most efficient equipment available.

Pool Openings

  • Remove and store winter cover in storage location
  • Drain swimming pool unless specified by homeowner
  • Chemically clean pool interior, tile, and rinse pool deck
  • install all rails, fittings, grates, and pool related equipment
  • Start filling the pool
  • Return to start the filtration equipment
  • Chemically balance the water
pool openings

Pool Closing

  • Drain pool to winterized level
  • Remove lights from niches
  • Remove rails, fittings, grates, and pool related equipment
  • Drain all pool equipment
  • Blow out water from all piping and induce anti-freeze
  • Plug all applicable piping to prevent water from entering the plumbing
  • Remove cartridges from filter and clean
  • Install winter cover
pool closings

Pool Repairs – Unsurpassed Excellence

Platinum Pool builds pools and spas for clients in IL, WI, MI, and IN, who are looking to have inground swimming pools, spas, and commercial pools designed and built.  Platinum Pool also provides pool maintenance and renovation services for swimming pools and spas.
We can help you have a backyard of your dreams.


We can meet with you at your home or if you would like to come into our showroom to discuss options for your pool contact us here.