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Landscaping for Your Outdoor Living Space

Platinum Pool, in strategic partnership with nature, now sculpts your pool and patio area into a site-specific outdoor living environment. The inground swimming pool is a major focal point within that outdoor living space. Platinum Pool landscaping design studio carefully ensures that it will be highlighted to its best advantage.


A mere backyard magically becomes the garden design you’ve been dreaming of. A mundane hardscape can be transformed into beautiful, functional use areas, utilizing modern technology, as well as tried and true techniques and materials.


The synergistic effect of having a ‘one-stop boutique shop’ is immeasurable. Our landscape architecture staff will suggest the proper placement of your new pool and integrate the material selections with the character of your home. Not only tile and coping of the pool; but also perimeter paving, required fencing, and landscape plantings will artistically provide context for a seamless look. From garden design through implementation, Platinum Pool will listen, making sure that you get the total outdoor environment you’ve been longing for. We will leave no stone unturned as we gently guide you through the design process. The resulting effect, while completely client driven, captures a uniquely polished and professional look.


The fundamental design principles of line, color, texture, form, massing and spatial relationships have now become imperative with the addition of a swimming pool as a centerpiece. Platinum Poolcare can skillfully employ yhese practices for classic beauty, understated elegance, sustainable functionality and practicality, all within your own backyard.


Our recipe for outdoor enjoyment will focus on fun, carefree living, because that’s how we roll! Ingredients will be made to order and suit your discerning taste.


If you are considering building an inground swimming pool at your home Platinum would like to meet with you. We have a beautiful showroom where we can show you the various options for your fantastic new swimming pool.

Platinum Pool designs, builds and services inground swimming pools and spas.


We can meet with you at your home or if you would like to come into our showroom to discuss options for your pool contact us here.