Protect your eyes around your swimming pool this summer

Protect your eyes around your swimming pool this summer

Get the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

from Vibe Vixen

We know you can’t live without sunglasses this time of year. When the sun in shinning bright, having a pair of chic shades to block the rays is so necessary. But not all sunnies are created equal and depending on your head shape, some will make you look crazy. Jose Castellanos, owner of Dr. York Spectacle Maker in Los Angeles, comes from three generations of opticians and we asked him to give his expertise in matching sun wear for all face shapes. “For round faces, a more angular squared frames works best,” says Castellanos. “For squared faces, a more rounded frame is the best option, and for diamond faces, almost any shape works. Also, aviators literally work on every face shape.”

Click the page to learn which sunglasses style works best for you. And when you’re done buy a pair from our sunnies guide.


Heart faces are broad at the forehead and cheekbones, and narrow at the chin. With its delicate jaw, this face shape is the most feminine of all.

Jose says: “To broaden the appearance of the chin and draw more proportion throughout the face, try thin, light metal or clear plastic frames that have broader bottom halves.”

Try: Cat’s-eye, round frames.

Don’t Try: Overly embellished glasses.