Need Design Inspiration for Your Swimming Pool? Look Here!

Need Design Inspiration for Your Swimming Pool? Look Here!

24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Before You Die

From Buzzfeed

Once you have made the decision to be an inground swimming pool owner, the design choices are just beginning.  What kind of pool do we want?  What shape best suits our yard, and more importantly, the way our family will use the pool?  Do we want any special features that we have seen and used at exotic locales?  Well, this is where this post from buzzfeed comes in.  The post presents 24 amazingly stunning pools from all over the globe with some unbelievable amenities that just have to be seen to be believed.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Screw you, ocean. These pools are where it’s at.

This stunning pool is located at the Mardan Palace hotel in Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey.

The Alila Villas Uluwatu resort includes a gorgeous infinity pool and an overhanging cliff-side platform with dramatic views over the Indian Ocean.

San Alfonso holds the current Guinness record as the world’s largest crystalline water pool, with an extension of more than one kilometer in length, eight hectares and 250 million liters of water.

Styled after the sprawling palaces of the Minoan kings and Venetian nobles who once ruled Crete, Amirandes has the easy elegance of true European Luxury.

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