Uses for Pool Noodles That You Probably Never Imagined

Uses for Pool Noodles That You Probably Never Imagined

20 Clever Ways to Use a Pool Noodle


It seems as though the pool noodle is ubiquitous, at least if you are around swimming pools anywhere.  Since its invention, it is the pool toy that you are most likely to encounter at the local swimming pool, waterpark, or neighbors pool.  What you probably didn’t realize, however, is that there are myriad uses for these foam noodles that go beyond making floaties for the kids or for squirting water at friends.  This post from Babble gives 20 of them, including making a car wash, lawn croquet, and light sabers.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Those classic pool noodles are more useful than you think — rain or shine, summer or winter, inside or out. Whether you’re looking for backyard activities, party games, or just DIY craft ideas, you might just need to look in your garage.

See 20 clever ways to use affordable, accessible pool noodles in ways you’d never expect:

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