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Pool Remodeling Near Lake Bluff

Remodeling services for inground swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular, allowing owners to customize their pools and make it look brand new. If you have an inground pool or spa, our professional services can help you create the perfect backyard oasis at your home in Lake Bluff, IL .


The first step of any successful repair project is assessing the condition. Our professionals will inspect your pool’s surface, tiles, coping stones, filtration system, and other equipment to determine what improvements can be made to achieve your desired outcome. From there, we will provide a detailed plan with a timeline and cost estimates so that you know exactly what needs to be done – including any necessary repairs or replacements.


If you live in Lake Bluff, Illinois, and are looking for a reliable company to help you, then Platinum Pool has you covered. Serving the Lake Bluff area for over 20+ years, our team of dedicated professionals provides quality work and excellent customer service. We have experience in residential and commercial projects, so no matter your project’s size or scope, they will handle it with expertise. From minor repairs to complete pool and spa repairs, we can ensure that your pool and spa look new again.

More Than Just Pool Resurfacing

Our services in Lake Bluff are more than just pool resurfacing. With our services for pools, homeowners can enjoy various benefits that transform their backyard into an oasis. Homeowners can expect complete pool equipment repairs and comprehensive repairs to upgrade the look and feel of their outdoor space. Whether improving existing features or installing new ones, these projects increase your home’s value and make it enjoyable to spend time outdoors.


Resurfacing is one of the most important elements in keeping your swimming area looking its best. Not only does it help essential aged surfaces, but it also helps protect against future damage from constant use over time. Experts recommend regular maintenance for increased safety, functionality, and aesthetics.


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