Olympic Swimming, 1896 - 1908

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Ever wonder when the first time was that people jumped into the water to decide who could get from point A to point B faster?  As this post from About Sports points out, the history of swimming itself dates back to prehistoric man.  Additionally, the original Olympics swimming events were held over roughly measured courses in open water.  This post shows some amazing pictures that date back to the Modern Olympic era, from 1896 on.  

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What Is Intramural Swimming?

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The health benefits associated with swimming are well documented.  For some, just working out in a pool is enough to satisfy their exercise needs.  For others, the competitive spirit requires additional challenges.  For those looking to compete, but not on a varsity sports level, there are intramural sports.  This post from AZ Central talks about what intramural sports are, and how they can benefit people by providing a competitive venue other than on a varsity or olympic sports level.

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10 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best (And The Worst) Sport

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Swimming is a singular sport and form of exercise and recreation.  This tongue-in-cheek post from mindbodygreen exalts the postives of the sport of swimming, while also stating the obvious drawbacks that are associated with spending hours in chlorinated water.  We think that the positives outweigh the negatives, as swimming is a lifelong activity that can have huge benefits to one's mind, body and soul.  Click here to judge for yourself...

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