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Ever wanted to know everything that there is to know about swimming pools?  Well, that's probably not technically possible, but one can get very close to this Nirvana by clicking over to the Wikipedia page on the Swimming Pool.  Wikipedia, the crowsourced free encyclopedia that has changed the information age for the better, has a very detailed entry on Swimming Pools that is sure to inform and amaze even the most experienced swimming pool professional.

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So you want to have an inground swimming pool built in your backyard, but you don't know where to begin?  Have no fear, this post from swimmingpool.com gives you everything that you need to get off the schnide.  The post starts with the basics of swimming pools, explaining how they work.  The next step gets the prospective buyer thinking about how they will use their pool, which informs the design.  The next part talks about the steps in the construction process and what to expect at every turn.  The last part of the post talks about the different aspects of swimming pools that drive the cost. 

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The Anatomy of a Swimming Pool

From Swim University

Swimming pools, specifically inground concrete swimming pools, meld together disparate elements like concrete work, steel work, plumbing work, plaster or specialty troweler work, tile work, chemistry, carpentry, etc. to form a very unique amenity.  It's no wonder that wrapping one's head around the parts and pieces that come together to form the anatomy of such a beast can actually be a very complicated venture.   In this post by Matt Giovanisci from Swim University, the mystery is explained systematically and thoroughly to make it much clearer to the layperson and professional alike.

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