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15 Minute Pool Exercise Routine For Rapid Weight Loss

From Swim University

Obesity is not a singularly American problem, but it is more a problem in the United States then nearly any other place on earth.  The statistics on obesity, and specifically childhood obesity,  signals a major problem forthcoming in rising health care costs in the future.  Commensurate with this staggering trend is the rise of the exercise industry, and the weight loss pharmaceutical industry.  Quick weight loss drugs and workouts are all the rage, but typically there are no short cuts when it comes to losing weight.  This post from Swim University offers an alternative to the quick fixes, and it is actually a very time efficient and unquie workout method that utilizes a swimming pool for rapid results.

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From Pool & Spa Outdoor 

As we age, it becomes harder and harder to stay in shape.  Not only do exercises and workouts become monotonous, the incidence of injury becomes more prevalent.  People that are desirous of staying fit are constantly looking for lower-impact workouts to work the heart and body while also avoiding the injuries commonly associated with exercise.  The swimming pool is a great way to get a vigorous workout, while eliminating the impact of running or more intense exercises.  This post from Pool & Spa Outdoor gives 10 exercises that one can do inside a swimming pool that will work one's entire lower body and eliminate the causes of injury.

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