The Chlorine Myth / What creates that chlorine smell

To some people chlorine is the devil, its the worst. Maybe they saw an episode of 20/20 that said "Chlorine, The Silent Cleanser." Well it's not as bad as you may think, in fact its the best thing for you and we are here to clear all charges against chlorine.

Myth: Chlorine Burns Your Eyes When You Open them Underwater

Fact: Low pH burns your eyes when you open them underwater. A pool that has low pH means that the water is acidic. When water is acidic, its like putting your tongue on a battery (though not as harsh) but if you expose your eyes to it then yes, it's gonna burn. You could have a chlorine reading of 10 ppm (Parts Per Million) and as long as your pH is ok, then your eyes will be ok.

Myth: Chlorine can do long term damage on my filter system

Fact: No it can't, but low pH can corrode metal and high pH can leave a hard deposit. We can simply say that most problems that are associated with chlorine are really the fault of chlorine. The only thing bad about chlorine is that you can't eat it, or can you?