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Use Your Noodle: Pool Noodle Backyard Games

From Parents.com

Three easy ways to turn inexpensive pool noodles into awesome backyard toys.

Parents are always looking for DIY ways to create fun for their kids.  During the summer, parents look for ways to keep their kids active, and outdoors.  This post from Parents.com presents three unique DIY games that parents can create for their kids' outdoor fun utilizing swimming pool noodles.  This proves once and for all that the pool noodle isn't just for pools anymore.

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From Swimmingpool.com

Let's face it:  Everyone loves to play games while in the swimming pool.  Why do you think kids invented the game called Marco Polo?  Utilizing zero props, requiring only a swimming pool and unbridled enthusiasm, Marco Polo illustrates perfectly the human desire to play games while swimming.  This post from Swimming Pool.com provides an exhaustive compendium of swimming pool games, along with a link to get an explanation of how to play.  Use the guide for some great ideas around the swimming pool this summer!

Here is an excerpt from the post: