Pool Finishes to Consider For Your In-Ground Pool

From HFS Financial

Many people don't realize that an inground concrete swimming pool has a finished surface.  The fact that the concrete gets a surface treatment is often misunderstood and overlooked by the swimming pool consumer.  Originally the only choice for a pool surface was paint, but that has changed drastically over the decades.  Marcite plaster, the next evolution of pool finishes has been steadily replaced with exposed aggregate pool finishes.  The exposed aggregate genre has expanded and evolved into pebble and glass type finishes, making the swimming pool service aesthetically pleasing as well as utilitarian.  This post from HFS Financial discusses the different pool surfaces available as well as the pros and cons of them.

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From SwimmingPool.com

The most common misconception and the most common problem that all swimming pool owners, builders, and designers run into boils down to one simple, innocent question, "What color is my pool water going to be?"  Seems innocuous, but it has caused more trepidation, time, and money for more builders, owners, and designers than any other issue.  This post from Swimmingpool.com addresses this bugaboo head on, and gives some great information that can help the consumer and the designer alike go into this process with eyes wide open.

Here is an excerpt from the post: