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Items Every Pool Needs

from Swimming Pool Steve

Swimming pools aren't only expensive to build, as any swimming pool owner already knows, they are expensive to maintain.  Pool Owner's are always looking for ways to cut costs, sometimes even sacrificing enjoyment or safety in the process.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve precludes the necessity to take such drastic measures by offering some no nonsense items that will definitely present cost savings for the swimming pool owner, as well as make the pool ownership experience easier and the pool safer.

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Make Your Pool Green!

From Swimmingpool.com

New swimming pool owners are usually shocked by the gas, water, and electric utility bills that come due after a swimming pool is in operation.  Those pool owners that wish to not only save money, but also are environmentally conscious are seeking new technologies that can assist on both counts.  This post from Swimmingpool.com presents some easy ways to accomplish these goals, and to make the swimming pool ownership experience a more pleasant one.

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Are You Spending Way Too Much to Operate Your Swimming Pool?

From Bob Vila

This summer, take a serious look at the cost of operating and maintaining your pool. You may find that a pump upgrade could provide as much relief to your wallet as your pool provides to your family's comfort and happiness.

Receiving one's first gas and electric bill after building an inground swimming pool can be an eye-opening experience.  Most people are not prepared for the increased costs of utilities that result from the operation of a pool and/or hydrotherapy pool.  This post from Bob Vila presents some of the latest technologies and small changes that can be made to save a bunch of money during the Summer months, as well as to be environmentally friendly.

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