10 Common Sense Tips For Buying A Pool That Many Consumers Ignore

by Kevin Woodhurst, Aquamagazine.com

Shopping like you are buying a car.

Swimming pools are custom construction projects and are built by many individual trades and pool contractors with different standards. All pools are not built the same, unlike an automobile, which is manufactured in a factory under controlled conditions. With a swimming pool, much of what you do not see will impact the cost of pool ownership in the long run.

Not asking enough questions.

Do not assume every builder is going to give you an education, is capable of giving you one or wants to give you one for that matter. Ask many questions. The more you know and understand, the better buyer you will ultimately be. This helps you and your pool contractor. Do your homework. Your resources are endless, so use them.

Paralysis by analysis.

This is when someone gets 10-15 or more estimates for swimming pool construction and then cannot make a decision because they have become so confused. Do your due diligence and get 3 or 4 estimates from reputable swimming pool companies. Then make your decision and go with it.