Spectacular swimming pools – in pictures

From The Guardian

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Sir Isaac Newton stood on the shoulders of Giants in order to succeed, meaning he merely advanced the knowledge that his predecessors uncovered.  The same principle can apply when you are designing our own outdoor living paradise.  These amazing swimming pools from around the world will inspire you to bring something sublime into your own backyard.

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What to Know About Lighting Up Your Hardscape

from Belgard

While enjoying your outdoor living shangri-la during a beautiful summer day, you're probably not thinking about what the landscape looks like at night.  This is a big mistake, according to this post by Belgard.  What good is your outdoor paradise, says this post, if you can't enjoy it on a beautiful summer night?  Properly lighting and accenting your outdoor living space gives you the ability to enjoy your space no matter what the sun is doing in the sky, as well as the ability to extend the long summer days into long summer nights.

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From Supercompressor

The infinity edge pool has been known by many names: The Negative Edge Pool, The Zero Edge Pool, The Vanishing Edge Pool, and more.  Regardless of whatever one calls it, there can be no doubt that this innovation in swimming pool edge design has propelled the art of designing a heretofore mundane art into the stratosphere.  Skilled watershapers are advancing the edge treatment further yet with Lautner Edges, and Perimeter overflow designs.  This post from Supercompressor shows some over the top examples of the Infinity Edge design in this amazing post.

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10 Impressive Water Features

From Luxe Interiors + Design

Experienced watershapers know one secret above all others:  Water is an amazing medium then when harnessed properly can create truly breathtaking spaces.  Expanding the art of swimming pool and landscape design to include water features outside or integrated into the swimming pool is one medium for expression using this amazing vehicle.  Water features can add elegance, verticality, noise or noise dampering, color, motion, and many other dynamic factors to an aesthetic.  This post from Luxe Interiors + Design presents 10 beautiful water elements in Landscape Designs.

Here are some of the water features presented:

More Public Swimming Pool Facilities Get Mini Facelifts

Aquatics International | By Kendra Kozen | September 2012

As interest in renovation projects remains high and budgets low, operators and designers are finding creative ways to expand possibilities and meet project goals.

"All facilities must be kept up to date so that the client base continues to visit — and not attend other facilities that are continuing to improve and look to the future for a better aquatic experience," said David Admire, vice president at AdAu Aquatic Engineering in Naples, Fla.

Today, that means utilizing available technology, paying special attention to operational sustainability — and opting for smaller "face-lift" style projects.