Inground Pools: Designs for Small Spaces

From Pool Services Technologies, Inc.

Let's face it:  Everyone with the means wants the ultimate home luxury, the swimming pool.  Unfortunately, even those with the means to afford an inground swimming pool don't necessarily have the right lot, or enough free space on their lot to have a resort-style waterpark in their backyard.  This post from Pool Services Technologies addresses this issue head-on, and takes a reasonable and intelligent approach to optimizing one's space for the best swimming pool design experience.

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A New Wave for Splashpads

From Landarchs

Those homeowners desirous of an outdoor splashing experience but who are limited in space are generally relegated to a hot tub, or even a slip-n-slide.  Smaller pool designs are always an option as well, but lap swimming and large groups wanting to use the pool can be a limiting factor.  This post from Landsarchs presents an alternative option that is gaining much interest and traction across the world:  The Splash Pad.  

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Exercising in Small Pools

From poolfyi

Not everyone is blessed to have 30 acres of sprawiling real estate on which to install a hotel-style pool.  Smaller swimming pools, while somewhat inhibiting the ability to swim laps in an olympic-style setting, don't necessarily preclude the swimming pool owner from exercising efficently.  This post from poolfyi presents a great workout routine in the swimming pool that allows the spatially-challenged swimming pool owner to benefit from a vigorous water-exercise program.

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