Small inground pools – inspiring ideas for small gardens and patios

From Minimalisti

Small gardens, or minimally spaced yards are actually the perfect venue for a swimming pool and landscape design.  Tighter spaces allow for the skilled designer to really flex his or her design muscles by allocating the limited space and creating utilty.  This post from Minimalisti showcases some fabulous examples of small inground pools and small gardens that illustrate this point perfectly.

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Best Small Inground Pool Designs Ideas


They say good things come in small packages.  Swimming pool designs are no exception, providing that the smaller backyard has a skilled designer to maximize and utilize the space efficiently and properly.  This post from presents some amazing smallish inground swimming pool designs that truly test the watershapers' skills.

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Design and Landscaping Ideas for Small Pools

From Pool FYI

A quaint, compact backyard can leave some disappointed homeowners with the idea that an inground swimming pool just isn't in the cards for them.  What this post from Pool FYI illustrates is quite the opposite.  In the hands of a skilled landscape designer and pool designer, small yards can provide the intimate, spectacular venue for lavish inground swimming pool designs.

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