Five Major Advantages Of Installing Salt Water Pools

From Salt Water Pool Plus

There is no subject in the history of the swimming pool industry that has spawned more discussion, confusion, and controversy than salt water chlorination systems.  In the past, we have catalogued the case against these systems for various reasons.  This post from Salt Water Pool Plus presents the affirmative case for salt water pools by presenting 5 major advantages of these systems.  As long as the consumer understands the pros and the cons and makes an informed decision, there is nothing wrong with utilizing these chlorinators as directed.

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Scale Problems In Saltwater Pools

From Aqua

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, while describing the lure of a friend's offer of a "lift",  inadvertendtly used the perfect simile to describe the lure of saltwater pools: "Like the lure of the siren's song. Never what it seems to be, yet who among us can resist?".  The lure of a maintenance free pool, which is how the salt water chlorine generator has been disingenuiously presented to the general public, has caused innumerable issues for both the swimming pool owners and for the equipment manufacturers.  So what is the truth about salt water pools?  This post from Aqua magazine addresses one major component of these types of systems that causes ongoing and potentially harmful results.  Luckily, this issue can properly be dealt with, but that would require attention, which seems to be something that certain salt water pool owners aren't necessarily willing to give.

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