Pool Elliptical Exercise Machine Designed by Aqua Creek Products Now Offered by Rehabmart.com

Their new revolutionary Orbital Pool Elliptical offers all of the great benefits of a regular elliptical exercise machine combined with low impact aquatic exercise. Designed for use by professionals, this aquatic elliptical is also easy to operate for any individual user.

From PR Web

With the population aging and becoming more health conscious, there has been a great movement towards low-impact exercise methods.  While Running and Lifting are still great ways to get and stay in shape, these become increasingly harder on aging joints and muscles.  Professional trainers gravitate towards lower impact methods of getting and staying in shape, and water provides the perfect medium for this endeavor.  This post from PR Web introduces the evolution of water-based exercise, by introducing a new twist on aquatic exercise by Aqua Creek, the Orbital Pool Elliptical machine.

Here is an exceprt from the release: