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When one is thinking about desiging an inground swimming pool for one's one home, usually the first step is to start looking at pictures of other swimming pools.  Websites and services like Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Image searches are very popular ways to start viewing other finished inground swimming pool projects and to start saving ideas and features that one wants for their own project.  This post from Architectural Digest does the work for you, however, by presenting some amazingly elegant private residential swimming pool projects in this fabulous gallery.

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Check out the world's largest pool, latest in design

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It is sometimes instructive to pay attention to macro trends around any industry or business to try to see where the trends are going.  Outdoor Design, and specifically the inground swimming pool industry is no different.  This post from APP gives the latest trends in luxury and custom swimming pool design from around the world.  Discussing such things as the largest pool in the world, the most unique, the latest design features, and many more items to inform one's own backyard waterpark or outdoor living room.

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Stone and Glass Design Concepts for Your Swimming Pool

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Swimming Pool Design is constantly evolving.  Just as in other forms of high design, the craftwork and ingenuity of today's skilled watershapers has elevated to amazing levels of competency.  One of the basic tenets of high design is to use the finest materials available.  Two basic go-to arrows that these designers have in their quivers are Glass and Natural Stone.  This post from Pool Services Tech ruminates about the possibilities that exist when these fabulous materials are incorporated into Luxury Swimming Pool Designs.

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A Towering Innovation


Sometimes when design inspiration meets a skilled architect, amazing things happen.  Such is the case with the Sky Habitat project in Singapore.  This structure, 38 stories high, supports a 50-meter swimming pool which allows residents of the building to swim from one tower to the other while enjoying breathtaking views of the city.  The new generation of architecture attempts to bring natural, lush spaces in to previously sterile, concrete-laden urban areas, creating habitats of the future right now.

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100 Spectacular Backyard Swimming Pool Designs

From Home Stratosphere

In order for designers to continually push the envelope of possibility, one must stand on the shoulders of giants.  Nothing advances any discipline more than seeing what others have been able to achieve, and trying to better them in one way or another.  Inground swimming pool and outdoor living design is no different.  This amazing gallery from Home Stratosphere presents 100 simply breathtaking luxury swimming pools and landscape designs for outdoor environments that will get your creative juices flowing, and wanting to change your outdoor space to something sublime.

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