Astonishing swimming pool deck ideas

From Simple Pool Tips

The area around a swimming pool, alternatively known as a patio, deck, or pool decking, is a very important component of swimming pool design.  While often overlooked in the overall design process, the deck serves not only as a collar around the swimming pool to facilitate ingress and egress from the pool and house, it also provides a decorative design element that sets off the swimming pool design visually.  This post from Simple Pool Tips presents some deck design ideas including many types of swimming pools and deck options from wood to stone.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Check out the world's largest pool, latest in design

From Ashbury Park Press

It is sometimes instructive to pay attention to macro trends around any industry or business to try to see where the trends are going.  Outdoor Design, and specifically the inground swimming pool industry is no different.  This post from APP gives the latest trends in luxury and custom swimming pool design from around the world.  Discussing such things as the largest pool in the world, the most unique, the latest design features, and many more items to inform one's own backyard waterpark or outdoor living room.

Here is an excerpt from the post: