6 things you must know about going solar

From Yahoo Homes

Swimming Pool owners have a special attachment to the outdoors.  They love using their pool and their outdoor living space, which is why they took the plunge and installed the swimming pool in the first place.  What new swimming pool owners sometimes don't fully comprehend is the increased costs that are associated with ownership.  The costs of electricity, gas, and water are sometimes a big surprise to some new owners.  Some owners are looking to alternative technologies to help mitigate the costs of ownership.  This post from Yahoo Homes gives some great tips on one such technology, Solar power.

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From Hayward

Swimming pool owners want to enjoy their swimming pools without having to worry about water chemistry.  The fact is, vigilance in testing the water chemistry can go great lengths towards preserving the life of one's swimming pool, and keeping the pool enjoyable for one's friends and family.  This post from Hayward Pool Products gives a great primer on the aspects of water chemistry that are to be maintanted, and how to test for them to keep the water in perfect balance.

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