From 1 Stop Pool Pros

When going through the process of designing a swimming pool for one's own home, it is easy to get bewildered.  Swimming Pool Design professionals are constantly throwing terms at you that they assume you will understand, and these design decisions can greatly impact the asethetics and functionality of your swimming pool.  After all, if you were an expert in the swimming pool design field, you wouldn't need someone else to design and build your pool, right?  This post from 1 stop pool pros talks about a very important aspect of concrete inground swimming pools, the tile and coping.  One of the most visible parts of the pool is the coping and tile, and it extremely important that you not only understand the significance of these design decisions, but that you get them right!

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From Hayward

Swimming pool owners want to enjoy their swimming pools without having to worry about water chemistry.  The fact is, vigilance in testing the water chemistry can go great lengths towards preserving the life of one's swimming pool, and keeping the pool enjoyable for one's friends and family.  This post from Hayward Pool Products gives a great primer on the aspects of water chemistry that are to be maintanted, and how to test for them to keep the water in perfect balance.

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