Indoor Swimming Pool Installation Cost


Even for those professionals in the construction industry, the indoor swimming pool remains somewhat of an enigma.  The myriad options and necessities like vapor barriers, proper material selection, and dehumidification systems drive the price of an indoor pool up greatly versus its outdoor counterpar.  This post from Fixr presents a thorough study of the costs associated with building an indoor pool, which can be a great starting point for the prospective indoor swimming pool owner.

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50 Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas For A Delightful Dip!

From decoist

You can feel the winter chill in the air, and it is a harbinger of snow drifts, bitter temperatures, and below zero wind chills.  Wouldn't it be spectacular if you could be swimming in an inground pool during these chilly winter months?  This post from Decoist presents 50 design ideas for the perfect indoor swimming pool design.

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From Hayward

Swimming pool owners want to enjoy their swimming pools without having to worry about water chemistry.  The fact is, vigilance in testing the water chemistry can go great lengths towards preserving the life of one's swimming pool, and keeping the pool enjoyable for one's friends and family.  This post from Hayward Pool Products gives a great primer on the aspects of water chemistry that are to be maintanted, and how to test for them to keep the water in perfect balance.

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