Outdoor Kitchens

From Landscaping Network

Design ideas, planning tips and appliance options for outdoor kitchens

If you are going to entertain in your own backyard, there is nothing quite like having an outdoor kitchen.  Outdoor kitchens make the task of providing stress-free entertaining a breeze, as well as encouraging family and friends to make your backyard the place to be.  This post from Landscaping Network provides a great compendium of outdoor kitchen designs, tips and appliance options to optimize the outdoor design of your backyard for the aformentioned purposes.

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Winterizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

From Houselogic

Unfortunately, its that time of year again:  There is a chill in the air, the days seem to be getting shorter, the leaves are falling, and winter is just a few short weeks away.  Looking outside at your swimming pool and outdoor kitchen brings you back memories of the wonderfully long, hot, summer days by the pool and in your outdoor living space.  Now that winter is almost here, it's time to start thinking about putting your outdoor space to bed for the colder days to come.  This post from Houselogic gives you the proper way to winterize your outdoor kitchen to ensure that when next summer comes, you will be ready to start up and go without significant damage to your outdoor kitchen.

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