Layers of Protection Around Aquatic Environments to Prevent Child Drowning

from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Written by NDPA's Education Committee

Approved by NDPA Board of Directors: January 21, 2009

Revised March 25, 2011


This position paper addresses the National Drowning Prevention Alliance's definition of "layers of protection" and how this concept can be utilized in aquatic environments to aid in the prevention of childhood drowning. The NDPA recognizes that multiple strategies are necessary to prevent drowning. The term "layers of protection" is one way to classify the majority of strategies directly affecting aquatic environments. Other important prevention strategies, such as community education, legislation, local enforcement, and public awareness, are not addressed in this position paper. This position paper is intended to be a general overview for use by safety professionals, educators, community leaders, parents, caregivers, and members of the media. Additional papers discussing more details on individual "layers" addressed in this paper will be forthcoming