6 Popular Ideas for New Decks and Terraces


Decks, Patios and Terraces can run the gamut from the simple to the sublime.  It is always instructive to follow the latest design trends to garner ideas on how to move one's own project closer to the latter.  This post from Aqua Magazine utilizes some ideas found on Houzz to monitor the latest design trends so you don't have to!

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Transform Your Outdoor Living Space With a Deck

From Neave Carpentry

Decks have an important place in Architecture of the home, as well as Landscape design.  Decks, whether multi-tiered, attached to a bedroom or living area, or transitional decks can help round out any outdoor space, provide otherwise unusable living space, and can help address elevation issues between the existing home and the landscape.  Additionally, says this post from Neave Carpentry, decks can be the ideal solution for large homes on smaller lots, or backyards with severe slopes away from the home.  The post goes on to talk about the different types of decks, material choices, and costs.

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Winterize Your Landscape

From Landscaping Network

If you are one of the fortunate souls who live in the sunbelt, you aren't thinking about the harsh effects of winter.  The freezing temperatures, harsh winds, snow and thaw cycles can literally destroy landscape elements if not planned for.  This post from Landscaping Network tells the homeowner how to properly protect plants, paving, decks, arbors, lighting, furniture, and lawns from the harsh winter conditions.  Proper planning will help the transition back to Spring be much easier and damage-free.

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Keep Cool with These Five Patio Shade

From Shade FX

One of the key design elements for any backyard landscape design or outdoor living space is the creation of shade.  There are many elements that can be utlitized to create shade naturally, but an open air patio is much harder to shelter from the blazing sun.  This post from Shade FX gives 5 great ways to accomplish this goal, but utilizing umbrellas, pergolas, trees and canopies.

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Designing for Fireside Warmth: Tips for Outdoor Furnishings

From Garden Design

Once one has been through a landscape construction or outdoor living construction project, the first reaction is usually to want to utilize the space.  After all, the reason that the homeowner undertook the project in the first place was to have friends and family around in a comfortable, warm environment.  The final touch, and one that sometimes gets overlooked is providing proper furnishings to outfit the space.  This seemingly innocuous detail can make the difference between just having a space and making the space useful and spectacular.  This post from Garden Design gives some great tips to wrap up the final stage of design and construction correctly for the homeowner, and to outfit the space for maximum enjoyment.

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