5 Ideas for Making a Big Impact in a Small Outdoor Space

From Shade FX

Just because your backyard isn't a sprawling 10 acres, doesn't mean you can't have an optimized, functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space.  Utilizing space properly to consider balance, proportion, texture, space allocation, pattern, traffic patterns, etc. are the purview of the skilled landscape designer.  This post from Shade FX gives some great examples and pictures of small spaces transformed into beautifullly designed landscapes and will inspire you to recreate your own smaller outdoor living space.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Creating an outdoor space for a small yard or patio can be challenging; however there are several ways to make every inch count. No need to despair because space is limited. You can still incorporate many of the design elements used in larger outdoor spaces in a small outdoor space if you know a few simple design tricks.

Here are a few big ideas for a small yard to get you started: