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Pools From Space


Ever wonder how many inground swimming pools exist in the United States?  How about which state in the union that has the most inground swimming pools?  This post from AQUA shows a recent survey from P.K. Data on swimming pools in the United States, and provides some unexpected results.  Additionally, there is a startling image that represents what the concentrations of swimming pools would look like from a low-earth orbit satellite.

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You've spent a fortune and lived thorough the entire process of design and construction of your custom inground swimming pool.  The decks are done, you've been trained on the equipment, and you've even taken delivery of your pool furniture.  Now that it's time for you and your family to enjoy the fun, recreation, and memories that are going to be created for years around this amazing amenity, you discover that your kids are looking for more activities to undertake in the pool.  Marco Polo only takes them so far until they are wanting more.  This post from has just what you need, intrepid swimming pool owner.  This post gives you a great guide to outfitting your pool with the essential toys and games for kids, and even has a section for the adults for when the kids aren't around!

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