Making the Pool-Buying or Pool-Building Commitment

From Pool FYI

Most people probably wouldn't jump right into a $50,000-$150,000 investment without at least doing some homework, but swimming pools can me a mystifying entity.  Many people, believe it or not, will enter into this investment without a true understanding of how this investment will impact their home value, the ongoing costs of utilities and maintenance, or their duties as a swimming pool owner.  This post from Pool FYI explains these in detail, as well as the benefits that alot of pool owner may not realize before actually using their pool.

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Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Extreme Leaf Removal

From In The Swim

Leaves are orange and falling with abandon everywhere.  Fall is here, and with it comes the crisper cold north air, shorter days, and the end of outdoor swimming.  For those inground swimming pool owners that have tried to stretch out the swimming season for the Indian Summer, those falling leaves represent a maintenance nightmare.  This post from In the Swim presents some unique and proven methods to easily remove these leaves from your swimming pool. 

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