A Swimming Pool Fit for a Dolphin

From Pool and Spa News

Phoenix-area builder Presidential Pools delved into something different with this project, where man and dolphin can coexist

Many people have had the experience of briefly sharing a water space with Dolphins.  These attractions are available for a price at many resorts around the world.  This post from The Pool And Spa News presents a slightly different twist on this concept:  An inground swimming pool where humans and dolphins can co-exist.

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Swimming pools are one of America's great luxury items.  There are a range of costs, depending on the type of construction.  Features and materials can also drive the cost of the project, as well as amenities like finished landscaping.  This post from Improvenet gives you a guide to the average costs for all of the different types of swimming pools, and explains the process and hidden costs as well.

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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

From Swim University

A cloudy pool can be a very frustrating situation for both homeowner and guest alike.  Further, a severly cloudy pool can present a very unsafe situation whereby a swimming in distress may not be readily visible to a potential lifesaver.  This unfortunate potential moves a cloudy pool from the realm of nuisance to the realm of hazard.  This post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University discusses the causes of a cloudy pool, and presents some easy to follow remedies to rectify the situation and make the pool safe and clear.

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Items Every Pool Needs

from Swimming Pool Steve

Swimming pools aren't only expensive to build, as any swimming pool owner already knows, they are expensive to maintain.  Pool Owner's are always looking for ways to cut costs, sometimes even sacrificing enjoyment or safety in the process.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve precludes the necessity to take such drastic measures by offering some no nonsense items that will definitely present cost savings for the swimming pool owner, as well as make the pool ownership experience easier and the pool safer.

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The Fastest Way To Clean Your Pool When You First Open It

From Swim University

Summer is an exciting time, especially for swimming pool owners.  It is time to take off the pool cover, and see what lies in store for the upcoming season.  Some people choose to forego a professional swimming pool service and undertake the opening of the pool themselves.  This post from Matt Giovanisci from Swim University presents this post that instructs these DIY'ers on the fastest way to get things moving in the right direction.  

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How to Properly Vacuum your Pool!

from Aqua Palace

If you are the DIY type, you will probably want to maintain your own inground swimming pool.  Taking care of one's own pool is no small task, as it entails knowing about water chemistry, cloudly pools, sanitizers, pool pumps, pool filters, skimmers, and the most common of all activities, pool cleaning.  The cornerstone of pool cleaning is the pool vacuuming, which can be confusing for some pool owners.  This post from Aqua Palace presents an easy guide for pool vacuuming, going through the process step by step.

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From Richards Total Backyard Solutions

At some point during one's swimming pool ownership,  one will invariably have to contend with algae.  Whether a sanitizer has run out, or whether the family is returning from a week's vacation, algae will invade and bloom in the swimming pool quickly if it has the opportunity.  This post from Richards TBS talks about how to remove this algae when it takes hold, whether it be green, black, or the mustard variety.  Left unchecked, alage can ruin a good week or two of the summer season by making one's pool unusable. 

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Cartridge Filtration For Pool Clearning Requires Delicate Balance

From Pool & Spa News

Filter performance is a balance of efficiency, load capacity and durability

Keeping one's swimming pool water clean, clear, and sanitary is not always as easy as it looks.  Most pool owners rely on the equipment provided to them by their swimming pool professional to do the job of filtration, without really understanding what is happening at the microscopic level.  Additionally, they are not aware of the means and methods of their filtration, circulation or sanitization systems.  This post from PSN presents one such filter medium known as the cartridge filter, and discusses its pros and cons versus the other media availalable to polish your swimming pool water.

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UMass breaks Guinness World Record for largest fruit salad: 15,291 pounds in a swimming pool

From Mass Live

Swimming pools are not always used for just swimming.  Perhaps you've heard of the empty swimming pools that are converted into skating rinks for the winter months.  

Additionally, world records are usually reserved for olympic swimmers in pools, but not this world record. According to this post from Mass Live, the world record for the largest fruit salad ever assembled was actually prepared in a swimming pool.  Looks delicious, don't you think?

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How Much Does it Cost to Heat a Pool?

From Pool Pricer

The ongoing costs of owning a swimming pool are sometimes a shock to new pool owners.  Most people when caught up in the euphoria of building their very own backyard paradise lose sight of the fact that the cash outlay doesn't end when the pool is complete.  Coupled with the costs of maintenance, the utility costs can be overwhelming.  This post from Pool Pricer talks about what to expect when you own a pool in terms of ongoing utility costs, and what you can do to mitigate the damage.

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