Swimming Pool, Hot Tub & Sauna Cost Guides

From Home Advisor

If there were any websites that are qualified to give an average cost of installing an inground swimming pool, Home Advisor is it.  Formerly called Servicemagic, the Home Advisor website exists to pair qualified professionals in a variety of trades for the home with consumers that are ready to hire or planning a project.  This puts Home Advisor in a unique position to have an idea of what certain projects will likely cost.  This post from Home Advisor presents some average costs for installing an Swimming Pool, Hot Tub or Sauna.

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The Real Cost of Owning a Swimming Pool

From U.S. News Money

The upfront costs of installing an inground swimming pool are just the beginning, according to this post from U.S. News Money.  While the average upfront cost for the installation of the pool proper is around $40,000, the associated costs of landscaping, maintenance, and insurance have to be considered when installing a swimming pool.  

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From Swimmingpool.com

Making a significant investment like the one required to purchase an inground pool is a tough decision to make for some people.  Next to one's home, the swimming pool project is usually the second largest capital investment that a homeowner can make.  The benefits of having an inground pool in one's own backyard are legion, as this post from swimmingpool.com points out.  The post gives 25 reasons to justify inground swimming pool ownership, and talks about how owning a pool can benefit Family and Friends, Health and Wellness, and Home Value.

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Keep Cool with These Five Patio Shade

From Shade FX

One of the key design elements for any backyard landscape design or outdoor living space is the creation of shade.  There are many elements that can be utlitized to create shade naturally, but an open air patio is much harder to shelter from the blazing sun.  This post from Shade FX gives 5 great ways to accomplish this goal, but utilizing umbrellas, pergolas, trees and canopies.

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