Do Swimming Pools Increase Home Value?

From Rising Sun Pools

Inground Swimming Pools are a major investment, there is no question about that.  Some people may wonder if the investment will pay off when selling a home?  This post from Rising Sun Pools addresses this issue in their local market, which is Raleigh, NC.  The answer may surprise you, and will be welcome news to those looking to add a swimming pool for recreation and creating memories.

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Making a significant investment like the one required to purchase an inground pool is a tough decision to make for some people.  Next to one's home, the swimming pool project is usually the second largest capital investment that a homeowner can make.  The benefits of having an inground pool in one's own backyard are legion, as this post from points out.  The post gives 25 reasons to justify inground swimming pool ownership, and talks about how owning a pool can benefit Family and Friends, Health and Wellness, and Home Value.

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9 tips for an outdoor kitchen that lets you enjoy the party

From Fox News

Outdoor living is the new great american pastime.  Families want to staycation at home, and are building their own outdoor living spaces to accomodate family and friends for entertaining, fun, and recreation.  Swimming pools are sometimes a part of this formula, but a huge surge in outdoor kitchens has been sweeping the country.  A properly designed outdoor kitchen can make the difference between a flawless entertaining and family experience, and a nightmare.  This post from Fox News gives some practical and ingenious tips for designing the ideal outdoor kitchen for one's own space, considering spaces for prep, cook, serve, and clean.

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