Decks Vs. Patios: Which One is Right for You?

From Neave Carpentry

Are you aware of the difference between a deck and a patio?  When you are outfitting and designing your outdoor living space, the distinction is a big one.  This post from Neave Carpentry gives a great primer on the differences between these two outdoor living or landscape features, and what dictates when they are appropriate.  The post also talks about ongoing maintenance costs of the two options, as well as material options.

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24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Before You Die

From Buzzfeed

Once you have made the decision to be an inground swimming pool owner, the design choices are just beginning.  What kind of pool do we want?  What shape best suits our yard, and more importantly, the way our family will use the pool?  Do we want any special features that we have seen and used at exotic locales?  Well, this is where this post from buzzfeed comes in.  The post presents 24 amazingly stunning pools from all over the globe with some unbelievable amenities that just have to be seen to be believed.  

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What to Know About Lighting Up Your Hardscape

from Belgard

While enjoying your outdoor living shangri-la during a beautiful summer day, you're probably not thinking about what the landscape looks like at night.  This is a big mistake, according to this post by Belgard.  What good is your outdoor paradise, says this post, if you can't enjoy it on a beautiful summer night?  Properly lighting and accenting your outdoor living space gives you the ability to enjoy your space no matter what the sun is doing in the sky, as well as the ability to extend the long summer days into long summer nights.

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15 Absolutely Romantic Outdoor Decorations

From Top Dreamer

As any skilled designer knows, the devil is in the details.  This includes the decorations and settings for outdoor living spaces as well.  How often have you been to a fabulous luxury home only to notice something that seemed out of place, or wasnt adorned properly.  When it comes to the outdoors, placement of furniture, lighting, and other adornments can be the difference from a plain jane backyard and something truly sublime.  This post from Top Dreamer gives you 15 examples of how to decorate your outdoor living space with an eye towards that special romantic interest in your life.  Even if your aim isn't to lure cupid into raising his bow and arrow, the ideas in this post can inspire you to adorn your outdoor living space with just that special finishing touch.

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A Towering Innovation


Sometimes when design inspiration meets a skilled architect, amazing things happen.  Such is the case with the Sky Habitat project in Singapore.  This structure, 38 stories high, supports a 50-meter swimming pool which allows residents of the building to swim from one tower to the other while enjoying breathtaking views of the city.  The new generation of architecture attempts to bring natural, lush spaces in to previously sterile, concrete-laden urban areas, creating habitats of the future right now.

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10 Impressive Water Features

From Luxe Interiors + Design

Experienced watershapers know one secret above all others:  Water is an amazing medium then when harnessed properly can create truly breathtaking spaces.  Expanding the art of swimming pool and landscape design to include water features outside or integrated into the swimming pool is one medium for expression using this amazing vehicle.  Water features can add elegance, verticality, noise or noise dampering, color, motion, and many other dynamic factors to an aesthetic.  This post from Luxe Interiors + Design presents 10 beautiful water elements in Landscape Designs.

Here are some of the water features presented:

100 Spectacular Backyard Swimming Pool Designs

From Home Stratosphere

In order for designers to continually push the envelope of possibility, one must stand on the shoulders of giants.  Nothing advances any discipline more than seeing what others have been able to achieve, and trying to better them in one way or another.  Inground swimming pool and outdoor living design is no different.  This amazing gallery from Home Stratosphere presents 100 simply breathtaking luxury swimming pools and landscape designs for outdoor environments that will get your creative juices flowing, and wanting to change your outdoor space to something sublime.

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