Can Indoor Pools Sink Home Values?

From Wall Street Journal

Adding an inground pool may or may not affect a home's value, as there are myriad opinions on both sides of this issue.  Indoor pools are even more specific when it comes to ownership, according to this article from the Wall Street Journal.  The article by Leigh Camping Carder says that only 500-600 luxury home listings in the United States, or .7% include indoor pools.  Whether making the investment will yield a good return, these homeowners that are fortunate enough to afford and enjoy this amenity wouldn't change a thing.

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What Are the Benefits of an Indoor Pool in Schools?

From Livestrong

Not all public education facilities have swimming pools, but according to this post from Livestrong, they probably should.  Swimming provides a legion of benefits to the developing mind that are often overlooked.  Additionally, swimming helps reach exercise goals, and helps teach a life skill that is truly invaluable.  

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America's coolest indoor water parks


Those of us who wish to escape the cold and snowy winters have many choices.  Tropical climbs are certainly nice, but also take alot of planning, and are difficult to book during the Holidays.  Even the most experienced travel agents have trouble finding places that are affordable for the average family.  One popular themed winter trip is to haul the family to many of the spectacular indoor water parks in the U.S.  These parks have affordable vacation packages, great food, comfortable lodging, and some of the most amazing indoor water features that are able to be used anywhere.  This post from catalogues some of the coolest ones, and may just inspire you to take the family for a water park vacation this Winter!

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Swim In Grandeur: 12 Dream Indoor Pools

From Forbes

If having an inground swimming pool at one's home is the ultimate luxury, then having an indoor pool is the penultimate extravagance.  These pools are typically seen in the cold-weather or seasonal climates, and allow the serious recreational swimmer or luxury homeowner to circumvent mother nature and swim year round.  This post from Forbes presents some of the most amazing, over-the-top indoor swimming pool designs from around the world.  Spoiler Alert: Platinum Pool projects are prominently displayed in this post.

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