Items Every Pool Needs

from Swimming Pool Steve

Swimming pools aren't only expensive to build, as any swimming pool owner already knows, they are expensive to maintain.  Pool Owner's are always looking for ways to cut costs, sometimes even sacrificing enjoyment or safety in the process.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve precludes the necessity to take such drastic measures by offering some no nonsense items that will definitely present cost savings for the swimming pool owner, as well as make the pool ownership experience easier and the pool safer.

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10 Money Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool

From Swim University

 One of the biggest surprises for new swimming pool owners are the ongoing costs.  Swimming Pools are expensive to build, but some might argue that they are even more expensive to maintain in the long run.  Not only to one's utility costs increase, but the costs of cleaning, maintaining, chemically treating, etc. can be a burden for many pool owners.  This post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University tackles this common problem head-on with this post, and offers 10 ingenious money saving tips that will ease the burden and make swimming pool ownership more enjoyable for the entire family.

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