A History of Innovation: Hot Tubs


When the weather turns cold, most people's thoughts have long left the swimming pool and are on to things like snowboards, gloves, and goretex jackets.  One remnant of the backyard that may actually stay in peoples minds, however, is the hot tub.  Hot tubs have a long and storied history, as this post from Aqua Magazine presents.  From the 1950's when the Jacuzzi brand became synonomous with the item, all the way through our present day computer and smartphone controls, the hot tub has truy evolved to something more than just a hot body of water.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Have A Cold? 6 Ways A Hot Tub Can Help You Get Rid Of It

From DR Clouthier

For many of us who suffer from seasonal colds and are suceptible to getting the flu, the reasonable treatment is to head to the pharmacy and grab some cold medicine, vitamin c, throat lozenges, chicken soup and orange juice.  Some of us may even try the zinc supplements that are supposed to ward off colds and shorten the duration as soon as they begin.  This post from DR Clouthier tells us that getting right in one's hot tub may be the best way to fight and ward off a cold.  

Here is an excerpt from the post: