7 Addicting Hot Tub Games You Can Play With Family and Friends

from Swim University

Hot Tubs that are still open in the Winter (or indoor hot tubs for that matter) can be an invigorating activity.  Unfortunately, beyond soaking in the theraputic waters, or snuggling up with a loved-one, there isn't much more that you can do in a hot tub.  This post from Swim University presents 7 very ingenious games that will make one's hot tub experience that much more fulfilling, and increase the time spent inside.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

A History of Innovation: Hot Tubs


When the weather turns cold, most people's thoughts have long left the swimming pool and are on to things like snowboards, gloves, and goretex jackets.  One remnant of the backyard that may actually stay in peoples minds, however, is the hot tub.  Hot tubs have a long and storied history, as this post from Aqua Magazine presents.  From the 1950's when the Jacuzzi brand became synonomous with the item, all the way through our present day computer and smartphone controls, the hot tub has truy evolved to something more than just a hot body of water.

Here is an excerpt from the post: