Highland Park, IL Swimming Pools

Platinum Pool designs, builds, and services inground swimming pools in Highland Park, IL as well as other cities in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. Platinum offers swimming pool design & construction services as well as pool maintenance and pool services. Platinum actually does much more than that. We can help to create a complete outdoor living space for you.

This indoor lap swimming pool measures 8'0' x 75'0", and is outfitted with an automatic swimming pool safety cover. What really makes this pool unque is the perimeter recircuation system. The gutter, which is a commercial competition gutter simliar to olympic and collegiate-level swim meet pools, has three chambers that are gravity fed with pool surge. The lowest chamber has a pump that automatically returns the swimmer surge to the pool, which has the effect of maintaining quiescence for lap swimming. This will prevent splash back from the sides, as well as maintaining the fastest surface available. This space also features a 7'0" x 8'0" hot tub at deck level, to warm up the swimmers and to help them get their muscles loose after a strenuous workout. The pool and spa coping are Valder's Wisconsin Limestone. The pool pumps are both variable-speed, and the pool is heated partially by utilizing a geothermal system. At the far end of this lap swimmer's dream is a Quickset (Removable) starting platform. Indoor space designed by Benvenuti and Stein. Photos by Geno Benvenuti.

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