Hidden Water Pool Cost Vs. Above Ground Pool Cost

from Hidden Water Pools

Lately our posts have been comparing inground pools to above ground pools, and wondering if this is actually a fair comparison.  This post takes this thought exercise even further, comparing the above ground pool to one of the most unique swimming pool innovations in the last half-century: The Hidden Water Pool.  Utilizing a movable pool floor, this pool automatically converts to a baby pool, a plunge pool, or a deck.  Whether this is a fair comparison is up to the reader to decide, as the costs are vastly different.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The Top 6 Hidden Costs of a Swimming Pool Project

From River Pools

Unfortunately, nefarious business practices are present in every industry, everywhere.  Sometimes these practices involved not outright lying, but leaving out important details in order to make a sale, and then springing these details on the unsuspecting homeowner at a time when the homeowner has no recourse.  The issue of hidden costs is a frequent place where this technique is utilized but unscrupulous businesses, and this post from River Pools discusses the most common causes for actual hidden costs in any swimming pool project.  Hopefully this post will help arm and educate the consumer to ask the hard questions of their prospective contractor and eliminate most or all of the surprises.

Here is an excerpt from the post: