What Are the Different Types Of Inground Swimming Pool Construction?

Swimming pools, and more specifically, the different types of swimming pool construction can be a bewildering subject for the typical homeowner.  Everyone seems to have an opinion about which type of swimming pool is best and for which reason, but is there a definitive answer?  The best way to decide which type of construction is suitable for one's family is to understand the differences, which is what this post from Seasonal World aims to clarify.  Seasonal World, a swimming pool builder in New Jersey, crafted this wonderful article explaining the differences in the disparate types of swimming pool construction to help guide the potential swimming pool owner to the correct decision for their own family.

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Above Ground vs Inground: It’s Not Just About Cost

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Most people aren't making a choice between an inground pool and an aboveground pool due to the gap in cost.  This article makes the comparison nevertheless, as there are some clear differences between the two products.  Should someone actually consider an inground pool versus an above ground pool, the differences extend to more than the cost of the products, as the article explains.

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In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools


Consider your budget and surroundings when deciding what type of pool suits you.

Budget is usually the largest factor that comes into play when deciding what type of pool is most suitable for a given project.  Budget is not the only consideration, however, even for those fortunate enough to have the means to afford any type of pool.  What makes one type of swimming pool better than the next?  The answers are within this post from HGTV which explores the differences between the main types of inground and above ground swimming pools.

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Inground Pool Types

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Inground swimming pools run the gamut in price and features.  From the entry-level fiberglass shell, to the semi-customizable vinyl-liner pool all the way to completely custom gunite home waterparks, the inground swimming pool can take a homeowner from the simple to the sublime.  The price tag will vary considerably based on the type of pool chosen, as well as the features and amenities available.  This post from Swimmingpool.com covers these different types of inground pools, and sets reasonable expectations in terms of all of these factors for the various types.

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