How high-end pool builders use fire to add drama and excitement to poolscapes

Playing with Fire


Years ago, while I was working as a sales manager for an industrial combustion company, I received a phone call from a contractor working on the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. His specialty was water, and he was looking for a mechanical engineer to assemble all of the technical equipment for the fire features on the project, which included two 7-foot-diameter cast-stone water and fire urns at the entrance of the temple. I always had an interest in landscape architecture and construction, and so I agreed to help them out.

We were already well into the construction of a custom inground swimming pool in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago when our client, who traveled frequently to the Middle East, saw something that he just had to have included in his project.  In a hotel in Qatar, he saw a celestial star floor in the swimming pool, and promptly emailed a picture to our salesman.  We went immediately to work on adding this unique and stunning feature to his pool, and the following details the steps we took to install it.