Swimming Pool Fact vs. Myth

From Swimming Pool Steve

Swimming Pools have possibly generated more urban legends than any other amenity.  Whether it is a real or imagined sensitivity or allergy to chlorine, or it is the legend that water turns colors when urine is introduced, these canards are all explored in this post by Swimming Pool Steve.  Click here to read if you have been spoon fed one of these urban myths in your lifetime!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

7 Disgusting Facts About Dirty Public Swimming Pools

From Medical Daily

Swimming is a tremendous, vigorous activity that keeps millions of people healthy worldwide.  Unfortunately, the swimmer's hygiene and behavior can drastically alter the safety quotient for the other swimmers.  This post from Medical Daily outlines some of the hidden dangers that can be lurking beneath the surface of your local swimming pool, and tells how you can protect yourself and your family from them.

Here is an excerpt from the post: