What Is The Best Concrete Mix?

From Swimming Pool Steve

Concrete is the most ubiquitious man made substance in the world.  It might even be argued that the foundation of the world is built on concrete.  This versatile, strong material is singularly ideal for so many construction projects, not the least of which being the inground swimming pool.  Concrete is a mix of some basic and sometimes not so basic materials, which can cause confusion as to what really constitutes concrete.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve gives one of the easiest to understand treatises on concrete ever published.

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What Is Concrete?

from Gizmodo

Concrete is literally ubiquitous.  According to this post from Gizmodo, concrete is the most popular artificial material on Earth.  Two things that we know about concrete for certain:  Concrete will get hard and concrete will crack.  Beyond that, what is there to know?  For example, what makes concrete the ideal swimming pool structural material?  This post answers all of the possible questions about concrete, gives its origins, the chemistry behind its curing, and talks about the history and future of this versatile material.

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Stay Balanced  

From Hayward

Proper water balance in any swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool can mean the difference between a safe, comfortable environment and exposure to deadly diseases.  This is especially important in commercial environments, as the bather loads can reach into the hundreds a day, potentially exacerbating an already dangerous situation.  Additionally, properly balanced water is clean, comfortable, and leads to happy swimmers.  This post from Hayward gives some easy to follow guidelines for properly maintained water chemistry. This chart should be readily available to anyone charged with maintaning a clean, safe, commercial or residential swimming pool.

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